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Alexander Mitchell: Weddings


For over twenty years Alexander has been working with couples to assist them in crafting the perfect music for their wedding. In most cases when a couple is looking for their wedding music it is the first time they've hired a musician. This can be a scary thought. Especially when there are so many parts to putting together a wedding. Alex takes the worry out of the music. Simply put he is a professional that knows what he is doing.

When you contact Alex for a bid there are a few things you will be asked:

Most important are the date of the wedding and the venue. This will establish if Alexander is free on that day and if he travels to where you are getting married.

He will also need a rough estimate of how many people there will be in attendance. (A wedding for twenty people does not have the amplification needs of that of a wedding for two hundred.)

Is the wedding inside or outside? This is very important because weather can be unpredictable. If the wedding is outside there will need to be cover for the musicians in event of inclement weather. (Instruments are expensive and more importantly electricity can be dangerous. We want to keep our musicians safe!

Then he will ask what parts of the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception you would like him to perform. Alex can provide solo performances up to full bands with dance callers. He will need to know how many musicians you would like to have playing. If you are unsure he will assist you with figuring that out.

It is helpful to know what type of music you want for your event. Because Alexander can provide you with such a wide variety of violin/fiddle music this is not as important; however, if you know you want jazz violin with a backup band it is good to know this upfront. Alexander plays swing, jazz, Celtic, Klezmer, bluegrass, classical and old time. He knows thousands of songs and tunes. Of course all specific requests should be brought up early.

Most of the time the wedding couple are concerned with the processional (the music the bride walks down the aisle to) and recessional (the music the couple hears once they are married and leaving the wedding site). There are a few samples of the more popular ones listed here for you to listen to.

What can you expect from Alexander Mitchell and Friends?

Once you contact Alexander you will get a timely response from Alex, or, if he is on the road from his manager. You will be asked the questions listed above. A quote is rarely given immediately because there are many things to take into consideration. Driving time is a consideration as well as amplification needs, how many band members and/or dance caller and also availability is a factor. A wedding on Christmas will simply cost more than one on a Tuesday afternoon. After all musicians have families too!

You will get a quote very quickly. Once the quote is agreed upon you will get a contract. Once the contract is signed you will have a firm date. At that point you will be required to put a fifty percent deposit down. The remaining balance will be due thirty days before your event.

Once the contract is signed we don't leave you. We are here to assist you with perhaps the largest event you will ever host in your life. We are very serious about this. Every wedding has different needs. There is no such thing as a wedding in a bag. Each of our weddings are crafted to what you want. Alex has played music in just about every venue possible. He is a true professional and if he is busy working somewhere else he will make sure that you are answered to in a timely manner.

If you are interested in talking with Alexander about music for your wedding or any other type of event please feel free to email him at